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News Flashes Re New Borns!

Subject: NEWS FLASH Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 02:59:36 -0700 X-From_: Fri Dec 18 02:08:37 1998 From: Lyndon Parakin / Paula Swift

Paula, Lyndon, and John announce the arrival of our new baby girl / little sister.

(name TBA.) Born December 17, at 11:29 PM Exactly 10 lbs. and 22 inches


X-From_: Fri Dec 18 17:38:34 1998 From: "Shannon Lee" Sender: Reply-to: To: Lyndon Parakin / Paula Swift Cc: "'Doukhoborology International Forum'"


Lots of love and best wishes... Shannon


Congratulations from the Semenoff family,


A big congratulations goes out to the Parakin family from all of us at Doukhoborology Cyberanie. Great Christmas present!

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