Doukhoborology International Forum (DIF)

This page is constantly under re-construction.

Your are now able to participate in the forum in a number of different ways.

1. Send your submissions in to Cyberanie (the DIF mailing list discussion) where your postings can be read only by participants in the Cyberanie..

2. Submit your material for posting directly to the Participants-on-Line Page of the DIF which can be read by anyone who should venture upon this page.

3. Submit any inquiries to Inquiries on Line which also can be read by anyone who should venture upon this page.

Please note the change of address.

Mesages for posting to DIF diccussion mail list (meeting) "Cyberanie" can now be addresses to:

Messages for posting to any of the pages of the the DIF Web site can be submitted to:

Messages which are periodically forwarded as received from other discussion groups are forwarded for the purpose of information.

The opinions stated in any message are strictly those of the sender. and all responsibility for the content rest strictly with the author of the message.

Everyone is free to express her/his own opinion without any editing or editorial comment from the management of the list.

Every person's right have an opinion, an understanding, as well as to choose to believe in whatever he\she wants to believe in, is respected.

Every person's desire to share that opinion, understanding, or belief with others is respected.

We do not have to agree to always agree on everything. By sharing we can come to understand each other better. If the sharing can lead to a common view - so be it, if not - so what?

Messages which offend against the Internet netiquette or good taste,(messages which have profanity, abuse, etc.) will be returned to the author for rebuilding and can be resibmitted after rebuilding.

DIF does not take any official position except to offer to manage a forum where persons can express their opinion and exchange with others freely.

Any message submitted by (the manager of this service) is strictly the opinion of its author and is just another posting like any other message received.

From time to time, the Webmaster will have messages re the operations of the list. Anyone wishing to ask a question, comment on its operations or make suggestions is encourage to communicate with the Web master at:

If anyone on this list wishes to unsubscribe can do so by sending the to: subject: unsubscribe

To subscribe to this list simply send to: subject: subscribe. Your name and email address.

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