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D John M Martin wrote:


I have been contacted by an English writer called Katy Walch who lives here in Central Mexico, and is, I understand, preparing a general- interest article about the Doukhobors for a local English-language newspaper here. She asked me to discover the current population of Doukhobors in Canada, but I haven't found this information among the many interesting web sites I have browsed.

Also, she has a problem: she does not normally have access to a computer (and I am returning to the UK next week). Can you suggest an appropriate snail-mail and/or fax contact she could use for general information on the Doukhobors?

I look forward with interest to your reply.


John Martin



Dear Brothers and Sisters, My name is Jackie Relkoff and I am a counselor and holistic health practitioner. Currently I am working on a research project exploring Doukhobor healers and practices. The project came about when a course assignment required me to report on an aspect of ancient healing and wisdom. I had many choices from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds---and this "got me to think'in!". I remember hearing stories about Baba's and their healing; even recalling times my great grand mother and father use their wisdom to help me! Well,

I was very excited when my instructor enthusiastically supported my idea to research Doukhobor healing, though there is little documentation of these practices and the bulk of the research will be based on storytelling and anecdotes.

So---if you have any stories, information or resource to share, I warmly welcome your input. No story is too small!

Please write me at: Jackie Relkoff, Box 1335, Grand Forks, B.C., VOH 1HO. or phone 250-442-3669 or E-mail:

Thank you.

Sincerely, Jackie Relkoff.

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