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You will be interested in this.

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Subject: Doukhobors from Georgia

Dear Mr. Koftinoff,

We are writing this letter on behalf of the Caucasian Triangle, a non governmental organization dedicated to assist Bogdanovka region of the Republic of Georgia in cultural and economical development.

The town of Bogdanovka was established by Doukhobors in 1830s after their deportation from Russia. Now there are 7 other towns in this region populated by Doukhobors (Gorelovka, Spasovka, Efremovka, Vladimirovka and Tambovka.) It is estimated about 18 thousand Doukhobors living in this area. Four thousand of them are children and six thousand are elderly.

Side by side to Doukhobors live Armenians (27 thousand.) In Georgia of recent days the political and economical situation of Bogdanovka region became worse than it was ever. Along with local civil wars in other parts of the republic there is discrimination against all national and religious minorities. Even the name of Bogdanovka was changed to Georgian-sound Ninotzminda by it's nationalistic authorities.

In this relatively large area there is no electricity or gas supply. School and hospital are closed. Young people are leaving this place for Russia where they can find a job but loose their cultural identity.

Our organization work on several projects:

Educational Assistance (textbooks and school supplies, etc.) Humanitarian Assistance (food, medicines, clothing, etc.) Cultural Exchange Programs for specialists and youth (farmer-to-farmer, school exchange, short term on site trainings, etc.)

We are for partners willing to help us to implement these projects or to work on their own projects in Bogdanovka area. We would like to apply to Armenian and Doukhobor organizations and individuals in any part of the world for assistance to the people of Bogdanovka.

Please inform us about your work or contact us for further cooperation.

Video and photographic materials about current life in Bogdanovka are available upon request.


Samvel Bdoyan and Yevgeny Semyonov

Tel: +7 (816-64) 3-7168 Fax: +7 (816-64) 3-4114 e-mail: (for Triangle)

------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 17:33:55 From: Stephan and Deena Subject: professional assistance To: Cc:,,,Cyril Samorodin , Doukhoborology International Forum

I read your article posted to the Doukhoborolgy seminar with great interest.

I am a family medicine and emergency medical doctor, Canadian trained and Doukhobor, who has also worked briefly in Moscow and can speak a passable Russian.

I would be interested in developing contacts with Doukhobors in the Caucases region as I have been wanting to travel there sometime next year. I know several other Canadian Doukhobor professionals who could contribute skills such as carpentry, computers resources, sawmills technology, construction, architecture, even law and publishing. (Many of these people may have already read your letter).

Let me know what sorts of projects you had in mind and I will contact people I know to see if there is any genuine interest in such a project.

ARe there any Doukhobor doctors? (I know I may have a distant relative, also a Samoyloff, working in Batumi).

I look forward to establishing contact.

Stephan and Deena Samoyloff AAA 4016, PO Box 10,001 Saipan, MP 96950 670-322-1509

------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 19:57:35 -0000 From: "Mikhael M. Airumyan, M.D." Subject: Re: professional assistance To: "Stephan and Deena" Cc: , , "Cyril Samorodin" , "Doukhoborology International Forum"

Dear Stephan and Deena,

Thank you very much for your replay to the message from Bogdanovka.

My name is Mikhail Vassiliev and I am a pediatrician at Novgorod Baby Orphanage. I assisted Samvel in translation of their message into English and sent it from the orphanage's e-mail address.

Since Samvel left for Moscow yesterday to meet with Mr. Semyonov I just wanted to inform you that we got your message and I'll translate it to them as soon as they'll return to Borovichi.

I think that they will be very glad to hear that their message had been immediately posted to Doukhobor listservs and they already got correspondence;) They didn't believe me first that Internet works...

Well, I know that they just got a new video & pictures about life in Bogdanovka and we could send it to somebody in Canada or US who would be able to take care about further distribution of these materials.

Thanks again and God bless you,


ps: you can look at to see our kids:) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Novgorod Baby Orphanage 7, Sushanskaya St., Borovichi 174400, Russia Tel/Fax: +7 (816-64) 3-4112 e-mail:

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