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Diad'ia Vania:

1. You might enjoy this lady who'd posted on Friends & Partners


Subject: from Elena Starigina


I am Elena. I am Russian journalist. I live in Kirov-citi. I am 38 y.e. My impulse: journalist slang. Esli mne kto-nibyd' narichet xotya bi neskol'ko jyrnalistskix jargonizmov s poyasneniem - budu oshen' blagodarna!

Thanks. Good bye. Lena.

2. Also, see

about reenacting a historic Russian flight into Siberia.

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A Boy, A Chicken, and The Lion of Judah by Roberta Kalechofsky

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Dr. Roberta Kalechofsky has written a delightful book for children -- not for teenagers --- about a young boy trying to become a vegetarian -- and achieving it. The book received excellent reviews.

It's called A Boy, A Chicken, and The Lion of Judah by Roberta Kalechofsky

You can contact the author, Dr. Roberta Kalechofsky, at (Roberta Kalechofsky, Ph.D.)

or you can visit the Micah Books website at:


: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 15:13:54 -0600 From: "Spirit Wrestler" Subject: Re: Bibliography and Doukhobor Societies To: "Doukhoborology International Forum"

I just wanted to repy to the message that was sent awhile ago regarding Doukhobor Socities. On the Doukhobor Home Page (which I am web master of) We are trying to get a compleate list of ALL Doukhobor Societies in Canada. There are still a few notiable exception but for the most part we have information on most of the major ones. This list can be found at:

Also if anyone belongs to a Doukhobor Society please conatct me, or bring it up to your society and send me contact infromation and a write up about yourself (see the exisitng listing for examples) so that I may publicize it and expand the listing and make it more complete.

And on the issue of bibliography the Doukhobor Home Page contains a bibliography section as well. It's found at:

It's is still not very extensive but is linked to the bibliogrphy on the Museam of Canadian history site about the Doukhobors which Koozma Tarasoff was hevaly involved in. May be close to the one in Plakun Trava that was mentioned.

Hope this provides some information for any of you who are curious.

Ryan Androsoff

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